I purchased an art school

How one day can change all your plans, right?


I wake up one morning as usual and go to an appointment.  While I'm waiting I open up Facebook and right there, first entry, The Studio School, a local Savannah high quality art school, announces it's closing for good.  My heart dropped and I gasped so loud my hairdresser was concerned. I reassured her everything was okay, I just had to digest the big news I had read.

Specifically all I remember was that The Studio School was closing for good because the owner had gone on an adventure to Italy and decided she's staying put.  Well, I would too if I had chance to live in Italy!  So, she had to make choices and no one stepped up to take the place of ownership for her founding idea of a small local art school, which had been up and running 3 and a half years.

When I read Melinda hadn't found the right person for this labor of love, instantly little "Joy" in my head jumped up so high I felt the bump!  "Me!  Wait!  Me!  I'm the right person!".  

Of course instantly after that another voice came in and said, "Are you friggin' crazy?!"

Yes, I suppose I am.

I thought about it while my hairdresser did my hair.  Usually we talk but I couldn't focus on our conversation.  All I could think about was, wow, I'm seriously wanting to buy this school. Should I?  Why not?  I need to contact the owner. So I did.

Everything felt right and after a full day of seeking reasons, excuses and justifications of why I should NOT do this, I couldn't find one.  Not one, so I had to say yes right there because with these kinds of opportunities, timing is everything.  Thirty or so hours later I made the deposit on The Studio School and it all went into hyper mode. 

It's been a whirlwind of challenges transferring everything over right in the middle of the holiday season because that's just what reality likes to do to us people who are trying to balance this Christmas thing with cheer and minimal stress. And holiday traffic. A few hiccups led to delays but I now have the keys and a signed contract.  I am the new owner of The Studio School.  

Not only have I saved a school which I hope will only add even more richness to the community, I have been fortunate enough to land an extra room on the side which I will make my art studio and gallery.  Thanks to timing or fate, I now finally have Virginia Woolf's vision of "a room of her own".  This mix is beautiful. I feel very grateful this opportunity found me and very proud I grabbed it because I was very scared about making the decision so quickly. Really, because how do you ever truly know you grabbed an opportunity versus lost your mind?

I really expected unsure reactions from family, some friends but it's turned out opposite.  Everyone has been super supportive and that is the icing on the cake for me.  It helps generate the energy I need to do this well and doesn't make me feel so anxious about my jump.

So, now I get to foster art in the community the right way, the way I feel is most constructive and positively influential.  What a wonderful New Year it will be.  Stop by to see me when you visit Savannah.  And, if you live here and always wanted to discover or nurture your artist self, NOW is the time.  Winter classes begin January 11th. Check out what we've got going on with more classes to be added in the spring along with workshops, guest speakers and much more! www.thestudioschoolsavannah.com

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

Tatiana von Tauber




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