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Studio style fine art boudoir.

Studio style fine art boudoir.

Q: So, what’s a boudoir shoot like?  What can I expect?

A: Realistically, it’s different for each woman.  Every boudoir session I have is very individualized and customized to the tastes, preferences and styles of the client.  We’ll go over your outfits, chat a bit, exchange some pose, theme, and photographic ideas that we haven’t discussed up until the session and then I begin taking photos with clothes on or with something other than your intended outfit.  I require a warm up of 10 minutes or so for us to get started and those first photos almost always never count.  As we progress, I adjust to you and the flow and I attempt to photograph your looks with as much diversity as possible so that you’re not choosing from too many of the same kind of photo proof. I ensure you have as much variation and diversity as possible within the allotted time we have to work together.  The goal is to give into the flow as this is when the magic happens.  You’ll see.

Shoes are sexy.  Bring variety!

Shoes are sexy.  Bring variety!

Q: What about clothing, lingerie and shoes?

A client relaxing as I set up my equipment around her.

A client relaxing as I set up my equipment around her.

A: If needed, I offer complimentary styling during photo sessions so if you’re not sure what to bring exactly, bring extra and on set we’ll figure it out.  There are occasions when what we plan doesn’t work so a little flexibility is a fabulous thing.  It's a lot like real life so allow room for the unexpected.

Q: Do you have props or additional outfits to share?

A: No, I do not at this time.  However, I will gladly use whatever you bring and if I own something I think will be perfect for what you're looking to do, I will bring it.  I've had lots of models and clients use my jewelry, hats or fabrics, easy stuff I can transport but I do not have any shared clothing or lingerie to offer.  

Q: How long is the shoot?

A:  Each package dictates shooting hour time.  Please note that I will need approximately 30 minutes for each, set up and breakdown of equipment. Sometimes I go over our scheduled time because I don't watch the clock; I watch you. That's what happens when your job is fun I suppose. :)

Q: Where are sessions located?  Do you have a studio?

A: I do not have a studio.  My photography and style are optimal when I have an out of the box environment to work within so that you, the client, can interact with it more naturally than typical studio settings and posing.  However, I have portable studio equipment so I can provide the studio effect if desired (for example, fine art nudes against a black background rather than some of what you see on this page.)  I photograph clients in their home,  a friend’s place, outdoors or in hotel rooms.  

Themed glamour and boudoir. 

Themed glamour and boudoir. 

Q: Can I do my own hair and make-up?

A: Of course!  If you feel comfortable and happy with the way you do your own make up, go for it.  If you’d like a full makeover experience to push your looks into new levels, such as pin up, then invest in a makeup artist and hair stylist you believe will give you the look you want. Makeup and hair services are included in the “Boudoir Couture” package.

Q: How long does it take to see my proofs?

A: Depending on the package chosen, a minimum of 7 to 14 days after your session I will mail a CD of all the proofs to select your final images from.   I do not have an online password gallery because I do not post any images of clients on the internet to ensure privacy. NO external servers are loaded.  I take my camera, plug it into my computer, download it into my external photo storage drive, save it and work on it from there. When I'm done I burn you a disc and mail it to you so unless someone picks up your mail, no one will ever see your photos unless you show them.  You get to keep the CD as a bonus so realistically, you end up with 20 to 100 digital images of the shoot proofs and you only email me the numbers of the images you want finalized. We communicate between this process but this is how I deliver 100% privacy.  I reside in Savannah, the romantic section of the Conservative South.  Everything here happens behind closed doors.  I know how to keep secrets.  And, on this note, I do not show off client photos on social media.  My client base is private.  Clients, however, have full disclosure rights of course, and final packages include web-ready JPEGS to share with friends, lovers or whoever is on the shared list.

Q:  How long does it take to get the finished product?

A: Once you have the images chosen for your album, it will take up to 3 to 4 weeks for albums and other products to be finalized and ready for pickup, mailing or delivery.  Boudoir Couture package may require another week or two.  I do my best to get the packages out ASAP. Neither one of us want to wait, right?  

An idea of how your proof variations might look.

An idea of how your proof variations might look.

Q: How do I pay for my session?

A: I accept cash, check, credit card or PayPal. 

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit to hold the date?

A: Yes 50% is due upon booking.  Full payment is due at the photo shoot. 

Q: Can I reschedule if necessary?

A: Yes you can reschedule once if you contact me at least 24 hours before the session. Less than that add $50 rescheduling fee. 

Q: Do I get digital images?

A:  Yes!  Not only do you get to keep the CD with all your digital proofs, you receive all the digital images of your finalized versions as web-ready JPEGs at no additional cost.

Q: Will you use my images on the Internet?

A: Not without permission if your face or identifying marks show.  I will sometimes use a client’s photo if their face is not in the photograph.  If you do not want me to use any photo of you for my promotional purposes, please discuss this with me.  I respect your privacy.

Q: Do you retouch the images?

A: Yes! I expertly retouch all the images myself with Photoshop and I’ve been doing this for years.  I can make you look as raw and unedited as you want or as young, thin or smooth as a Hollywood babe.  These are your photographs and your visions of how you want to look and you’re hiring me to create that, so you tell me how perfect or real you want to look.  Typically I retouch to the point you’d expect a magazine to.  

Q: What products do you offer?

A: I offer a customized, hand assembled photographic album of all your print photographs, a la carte items such as gallery wrap canvases, cards of your images, or additional prints of various sizes. If you’re looking for something more custom, I can probably make it happen so let me know.  

Q: I notice you’re a artist and painter as well.  Can you create a custom painting from my photographs?

A: Yes, I can.  I’ve been commissioned to paint original paintings from photo session photographs before and I will be more than happy to discuss this process with you.  Custom painting upgrade option begins at $600.  Its completion and delivery is not included with photo package delivery. 

Q: Can I bring a friend, spouse or significant other?

A: Certainly.  This is your experience.  While I suggest doing this alone because the dynamics will be different, you know yourself and your guest and so long as we stay on course photographically, I encourage you to do as needed to feel comfortable. 

Q: Who will be present for my Boudoir shoot?

A: Me and a guest you may bring, along with a makeup artist or hair stylist if desired.  For longer photo sessions, such as the Boudoir Couture package, which includes many elements, I will sometimes bring a female assistant along.

Q: Do you have a male photographer on hand?

A: On occasion a woman will prefer a male photographer.  Lucky for her I have one!  View my husband’s talented photographic work to see if it meets your style, which isn’t boudoir so much as more raw, dark (goth) and artistic.  If you're looking for fine art nudes only, he'd be your go to rather than me simply because he excels with those visions while I'm good at them.  I accompany him to photo shoots as an assistant and sometimes we'll collaborate and a client gets a mixture of his eye and mine.  

Q: Do you take photographs of “real women”?

A.  What exactly is a “real woman”?  I’ve photographed women of all shapes and sizes, ages and confidence levels.  I stress even seemingly perfect bodies have their bad angles so don't think a perfect body equals perfect images.  A trained photographer knows how to avoid the bad angles and bad lighting and focuses on the good of a client’s body no matter the size or shape.  20 years of experience photographing women affords me the knowledge of understanding how to pose women so they look fantastic.  

Q: “I just don’t know how to justify boudoir photography.”

A: What are you worth? 

Take this quiz!

1.    Are you young and want to celebrate your youth, your body and sex appeal?  Do it. Youth is fleeting.

2.    Are you a mom looking to rediscover her sexy self?  Do it. You need this.  I will help you.

3.    Are you shy and want to break your chains and step into a new confidence? Do it and surprise yourself.

4.    Are you a bride wanting to capture something special for your groom?  Book now!

5.    Are you in a transformational time in your life and want to capture it? Congratulations.  Call me.

6.    Do you secretly desire to be a model but just feel silly, awkward and weird about it?  Trust me. You are not alone, plus I keep secrets. :)

7.    Are you a nudist wanting to just be photographed nude?  Cool.  Private outdoor settings can be daring and great fun.

8.    Not a nudist but wishing to get comfortable with your nudity?  Do it. It’s so liberating!

9.    Do you need a little spice in your relationship?  I photograph more than boudoir. Talk to me. 

10. Are you celebrating a fitness weight loss and want to immortalize that body?  Awesome!  Do it. You deserve it.

11. Are you seriously going to let fear or lame excuses stop you from having a fabulous (and private) experience for yourself and/or for another?  I hope not because there's nothing to fear here at all, just yourself.


“If you identify with any of the above, I can help you feel fabulous and look amazing.  Write me to discuss your session desires and we’ll go from there.”

Missing something?  Write and ask!

Each client's photos are tailored to their budget and preference of location, creating a completely different look and experience for every woman I photograph.  

Each client's photos are tailored to their budget and preference of location, creating a completely different look and experience for every woman I photograph.  


Life is short, aging is quick, nothing is certain. Do it now and book your private photo session before time takes hold and you forget!

Tatiana von Tauber, erotica artist and photographer:

Serving Greater Savannah and select South Florida locations


All other locales add additional travel fees.   Prices subject to change without notice.  Update 11/15

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