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Tatiana von Tauber is an American figurative artist whose work focuses on contemporary feminine expressions of sensuality, eroticism and the human form. Projects include painting, digital art, photography and various fiction and nonfiction writings on sex-positive feminism and sexual empowerment. She resides in Savannah, Ga. For an art viewing, contact for an appointment.


"I create figurative paintings and sensual photographs that celebrate the eroticism of Humanity, the beauty of femininity and the sensuality of sex.  Eroticism is celebratory, fun and absolutely necessary for a well balanced life between the daily reality we experience and the fantasies we dream.

I seek to represent sexuality and the erotic life in a beautiful, elegant and approachable way.  Sexuality is a universal language and the action of creation, thus deserving more respect and less shame, moral judgment and political or religious dogma based pressures.  

The sexual realm brings human bodies together akin to the way the academic realm brings human minds together. Eroticism combines both and that is why it will always be more interesting than either of the other two domains of Human existence or experience."



I was born in the Czech Republic in 1971, ending up in America after my parents escaped to a refugee camp in Austria in 1977. Within a year they were granted a Visa to come to America and eventually we settled in South Florida. I grew up a European immigrant in a multi-diverse Miami surrounded by Latin-Americans and Hispanics as my primary influence. It so happens that their culture is very sensual and these two points converged into just about everything regarding freedom and eroticism.

I published erotica fiction in the early Y2K era and in the early 90s I photographed young women for South Beach modeling agencies. Eventually I moved on to photographing some of Europe’s popular nude magazine models while I lived in Frankfurt, Germany where I later published some erotic photographic work with a European publishing house.

Painting "Karmen a la St. Tropez", Wiesbaden, Germany 2013

Painting "Karmen a la St. Tropez", Wiesbaden, Germany 2013

I developed inspiration to return to college moved by the topics of Sexual Ethics and the Philosophy of Love, among other such groupings after hitting a wall with the erotic fiction. I felt a deeper element was missing not only from my characters but myself as well and I set out to understand what that might be. Unfortunately the demands of three children and a creative spirit became overwhelming to balance and I postponed my degree; however, these studies deeply changed some fundamental views I held on what it meant to be a woman, to be sexual and ultimately, to be a mother, all of which are intricately interwoven. Many of my ideas and views about these topics spew out into my creative endeavors.

When I unexpectedly landed in Savannah, GA, in 2009 I began a private boudoir photography business and in 2010 launched a breast cancer awareness charity project called The Art Cure in Savannah, GA. The project auctioned original art created by breast cancer survivors and other artists from around the world, and 100% of collected funds were donated to charitable organizations locally.

While living abroad in Wiesbaden, Germany from 2011-2013, I dove into exploring and developing the inner artist. While my concentrated focus was on the erotic arts via writing erotic fiction or sexy photography, I felt compelled to play with eroticism and various feminine themes by creating art with my hands, be it with soft pastels as my medium, paint or pencil. I sought to eliminate the camera’s technology and instant gratification and words’ complexity and depth to view erotica in new ways, something lighter with a different authenticity, more fun and expressionistic.  

In the current moment, I’m working towards elevating my artistic talents and broadening my reach while I paint in my downtown art studio in Savannah, GA as often as I can.”

View academic drawings here.


Photographing a model Mannheim, Germany 2011

Photographing a model Mannheim, Germany 2011

Painting "The Red Tara" Savannah, GA 2014

Painting "The Red Tara" Savannah, GA 2014

Photographing a model, Lahr Germany 2006

Photographing a model, Lahr Germany 2006


Exhibitions  (or View all archived projects, publications and the full CV in visual format here.)

February 2019 Players in Pleasantville, The Studio School, Savannah, GA

Aug-Sept 2017       Art Porn 1 & 2, The Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas, NV

June 2017              Art Porn 2: "Back It Up", The Studio School, Savannah, GA

Sept 2016               Members Only Exhibition, Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah, GA

February 2016         My Bloody Valentine Art Show, Undergrounds Coffeehaus, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

April-June 2015       Another Blooming Art Show, Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport Gallery, Savannah, GA

March 2015             Art Porn, Oglethorpe Gallery, Savannah, GA (Solo)

October 2010          Alien Inside, artdc Gallery, Washington DC

October 2010         Sexibition Exhibition, Horizon Gallery, Savannah, GA

October 2009          A Book About Death,  Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, New York, NY


April 2015               "Nominee", "No Place Like Home", 7th Annual International Color Awards online juried competition 

July 2014                “Nominee”, “Red Chair”, 7th Annual International Photography  Master's Cup  online juried competition  (archived photography)


2010    October       Private printing, “The Art Cure Diaries", Tatiana von Tauber

2010    May             Edition Skylight, “Boob Mania”, Martin Sigrist

2008 - 2015            The Legal Satyricon blog, contributing writer on feminism, Marc. J. Randazza

2007   May              Martin Sigrist, “Hot Babes”, book’s forward for award-winning fine art  photographer, Michael S. Troop, Tatiana von Tauber

2007   Autumn        The Beltane Papers, "Goddess in the Love Universe", Tatiana von Tauber (pdf)

2005                      Sensual, erotic fiction stories, named “cutting edge erotica”

2005                      The, erotic fiction & “Adventures of an Erotic Mind” column 

2004                      Pretty Pink Press, "Anna's Punishment “for Down & Dirty: Volume 2, Alison Tyler

Projects | Community

January   2016       The Studio School, independant art school, Savannah, GA, Tatiana von Tauber, owner

October  2010      The Art Cure, a Breast Cancer Awareness Art Project, Savannah, GA, Tatiana von Tauber curator & creator

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February 2019

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May 2017

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March 2015

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May 2014

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October 2010       

Sarahlyn U. Argrow, "Tatiana von Tauber, boudoir photographer, feminist writer and artist is this week's guest on Talking Real.", Savannah's "Talking Real" Interview Pt. 1:


 Sarahlyn U. Argrow, "The Art Cure", Savannah's "Talking Real" Interview Pt. 2:


Paige Glazer, "Local Artists Give Back”, Richmond Hill Reflections (pdf)


July 2014  - 2015            Member of the Savannah Art Association

April 2015 - 2016            Member of ArtRise Savannah 

October 2016 - 2018 Member of ARC Savannah

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Learn more here about The Art Cure, a breast cancer awareness art project and its positive influence. 

View all archived projects, publications and the full CV in visual format here.

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