"ART PORN 2: "Back It Up"

"Back It Up" was a sneak peek preview showing of the 2nd set of ArtPorn paintings.  The full collection of 20 paintings will show Aug 5th-Sept 30th at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Show photos & comments June 3-4, 2017, artist's studio, Savannah GA

Ok everyone, kiss my sneak peek show goodbye! "Back It Up" is backing it out to Las Vegas to show as part of the full ArtPorn collection of 20 paintings at the Erotic Heritage Museum Aug 5-Sept 30. Check it out if you visit the area. (Again, big thx to those who came out to this special Savannah viewing)


Faves & Raves:  (Anonymous) Visitor Comments from "Back It Up."


"Very brave."

"I love your art!"

"Very nice."

"Very cohesive."

"These are beautiful paintings."

"Great work.  These are amazing."

"[Tatiana] really captured sexuality well."

"Wow! Much more explicit than expected!"

Faves & Raves: from my first ArtPorn show in 2015. View show pics here.

"I'm mighty impressed and I'm seldom impressed."

"This would all be easier if people were more open about sex."

"It's realistic.  Fun." 

"I like them!  They're exciting."

"I love it! My pet peeve is American Puritanism."

"I don't believe in banning.  I didn't particularly wan to come in.  My husband did but I support freedom."

"Very interesting. Fascinating art!"

"Provocative and lovely..." 

"Size DOES matter."

"Very sexy..."

"Amazing" & "Wild!"

"It's all oral!"