ART: Gyna Sapiens Awakening

"In her possession was the knowledge of her greatest treasure: sexual veto power."
Gyna Sapiens' Awakening, W36 x 48H, Natural Earth Paint acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  Please inquire for purchase. 

Gyna Sapiens' Awakening, W36 x 48H, Natural Earth Paint acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  Please inquire for purchase. 

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A new painting complete!  Finally, right? It is difficult keeping the 2016 ART PORN paintings I'm creating secret but such is sex and reality. ;) In the meantime, I created something I can show!

I began this painting in May after I completed "Heavenly Mind"  ("featured painting" in sidebar to your right). I was inspired by the universe background and the mask. The two paintings were conceptualized in a photo shoot that I did of a model back in Germany years ago (below) but as you can see, it's waaaay different in its final form.  This is part of what I love about art, that unknown.  I planned on the paintings being two perspectives of the same vision, something I've seen some artists do but something that just didn't work for me on this first try.

While the original photo conception looked ok as a photo idea, it wasn't translating into the the painting well and I struggled in various points throughout both paintings.

I couldn't stand the black in the painting. It felt lifeless even though I realized it was in the beginning stages of the painting when sometimes it hasn't developed yet but there was no passion and it went from beautifully inspiring to draining and depressing.

I dealt with the failed attempt and placed the unfinished canvas on the side and let it be for most of the summer.  I knew a spark would come, just didn't know when. Usually I feel guilty for not completing a painting but in this case, I was relieved to not have to deal with it and began my first new ART PORN painting for next year instead.  I mean, if it isn't flowing for you, go back to what you know best.


I returned to painting this canvas when a friend suggested I use the super blood moon as a backdrop for my next painting being I was pretty disappointed I didn't get a chance to see it Sept 27th: my region had clouds. Such was the luck, or a twist of it. I went to bed that night thinking about what to paint to incorporate the blood moon and it hit me super fast.  The unfinished painting needed something on the left hand side of the canvas and the blood moon would be a fabulous fit.  I began the next day totally excited, like up at dawn, coffee and paint brushes in hand and ready to go.

I had no plan other than the moon addition, which I thought would be enough but it wasn't. I had a many challenges with this painting.  I repainted the face and hair and sky many times.  The hair felt constricted shorter and straight and her face started out too unappealing looking and just because I am this way, I wanted her to look sexier than she did in my original painting sketches.

And then as this happened, I felt a strong desire to bring more elements into it but I had no idea what kind. At some point I let go to this trust thyself thing and the magic happened and I realized what this painting was wanting to become and what it represented.  This is always such a relief point when you don't know how to move on with a painting.

What does this painting represent?

Glad you asked. 

I named it "Gyna Sapiens Awakening" after Dr. Leonard Shlain's visionary theory of the early primitive female he calls "African Eve". In his groundbreaking book "Sex, Time & Power: how women's sexuality shaped Human evolution",  Shlain's theory discusses feminine power in the history of Humanity and describes how her learning or connecting the elements of time to action to result - in other words, sex to pregnancy - became an incredible empowerment for females and evolution.  When "African Eve" makes this connection, that the sex she experienced 9 moons ago created human life otherwise known as childbirth, the interaction between the sexes was forever changed. In her possession was the knowledge of her greatest treasure: sexual veto power.

The moon, we know, is a "clock" female bodies ran by.  The cover of Shlain's book, Sex, Time & Power: how women's sexuality shaped Human evolution, highlights Sandro Botticelli "Birth of Venus". Once females took notice of the connection between sex, time and pregnancy, Shlain says, everything between the way man and woman interacted changed. It is here, too, males took notice of paternity and their connection within the act of creation. In essence, the conscious male/female relationship (as in the beginning of what we now label as romantic love) began to form. In its early times it'd call it more of a new attachment than a relationship but nonetheless, now they had common purpose: the family was created.  What binds family?  Love. 

My painting represents the "birth of love" between the primitive mind of the Homo Sapiens and awakening of mindful and bodily knowledge that was so vital to females that according to Shlain, our species should be called Gyna Sapiens instead of Homo Sapiens simply by the profound impression females have made on evolution for the Human species and survival.  I. Love. This.
"Time is a factory where everyone slaves away, Earning enough love to break their own chains". ~ Hafiz

"Time is a factory where everyone slaves away, Earning enough love to break their own chains". ~ Hafiz

So all of this began running through my head as I felt this female in the painting represented Shlain's "African Eve", the first female to notice the connection between time and this power of creating life.  It just clicked and so I decided to also incorporate some of the elements from Botticelli's art into this painting, namely the cattails (symbolizing Coastal Georgia for me), flowers and the scalloped shell upon which she stands as to connect the "birth" of "African Eve" and essentially, since a creator of life itself, the "goddess within" who represented the greater whole of Gyna Sapiens, the true bearers of life. Of course, I had to reference "Christian Eve" with the apple at her feet - unbitten, because why? There is no snake to tempt, no male to seduce: the owl's eyes are open to her new found knowledge as it sits perched beside her mind, in essence, what she controls through her thoughts and choices. 

The quote by Hafiz is exquisite and needed display in an appropriate manner and this felt perfect. The moon represents time and the "blood" moon aspect represents her menstrual cycle, for the Human female is the only female mammal in the Animal Kingdom not bound by an estrous cycle, meaning, she can become pregnant anytime during the year rather than other animals which must be in their mating phase. Simply put, the so called "Gyna Sapiens" female has a mind of her own and she can control her sexuality unlike any other female species on the planet.

Dr. Leonard Shlain's theory is much, much deeper and packed full of fascinating facts than I present. I chose one of many avenues of his message. Learn more about it on my "Resources Page" (link in the footer), under the "Books" category.

For some painting scale value, W 36" x H 48" 

For some painting scale value, W 36" x H 48" 

This is my largest painting for sale at 36" x 48" big. It's gorgeous in the sunlight, where the gold reflects from the layers of glazed paint, which sadly didn't translate well onto digital form so I brought you a scale photo instead since it's so big! 

I'm loving the artistic direction and the various elements incorporated into this painting because the message is its most important component. 

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