Conception of ART PORN'S "Dick & Jane"

Click for larger view (nsfw)

Click for larger view (nsfw)

Wow. It was one year ago today I began painting "Dick & Jane", having no idea that this seed of an idea painting would blossom into a full erotic painting collection.  Crazy how things go when you follow the flow.

I specifically loved the model's face here and capturing her pleasured look was my main focus.  I think I succeeded.  Jane looks like she's enjoying, and isn't that a main point of sexuality when you eliminate this heavy weighted procreation stuff?  

Currently I'm painting the 3rd of my upcoming 2016 edition of ART PORN so stick around for more news on that in the near future.

Below are my conceptual sketches and artistic process in creating Jane to her final glory. Low lit with a camera phone but nonetheless, good enough to show to give you a peek into it.  

View larger and read more about "Dick and Jane" here.


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