Pornography, a provocative history


You'll need about 6 hours of viewing time but if you are interested in the full history of pornography, this documentary BBC special called "Pornography: A History of Civilization" in 6 parts is fascinating.  It traces porn from its origins back in Rome where porn art was a familiar landscape within the home and in public spaces to the deeply conservative Victorian era and into the new digital age where pornography has been directly influenced by technology and promises to take porn to the next level.

Great, great stuff to be heard here that will broaden and enrich your view and understanding of pornography.

"Pornography: The Secret History of Civilization":

  1. The Road to Ruin: Antiquity  Episode 1
  2. The Sacred & Profane: The Printing Press  Episode 2
  3. The Mechanical Eye: The Photograph Episode 3
  4. Twentieth Century Foxy: Film Episode 4
  5. Sex Lives on Videotape: Video Episode 5
  6. Pornotopia: Digital Episode 6

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