Super Fabulous Resources Page

With schools in session and thinking caps on, perhaps a hint of desire sparks you to discover something new?

I created a resources page just for you!

There are a few select people, books, and things that have truly  moved me at some point and I'd like to share that inspiration.  

I've also included a few helpful links such as acrylic painting's conservation care, a few erotica minded museums and such.  On this note, if you have suggestions, please add them to the comments below. 

If nothing else, I highly suggest listening to all the links under "Blogs and Talks" for great relationship information.  However, if you're looking for more depth on what the heck created all this challenge between the sexes, I suggest my book section, particularly the video lecture about Dr. Leonard Shlain's "Sex, Time, & Power: how women's sexuality shaped Human evolution.   

Click here to view  Tatiana's Super Fabulous Resources Page


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