New Art: "In the Midst of Fall"

click image for larger view |  "In the Midst of Fall" 

My new painting, "In the Midst of Fall" came to me while driving one late October day.  I had sketched the figure earlier at my the studio without much clue what I'd create to surround her and then I had this flash of Birch trees (or Aspens but I was thinking Birch) in a winter white, pure environment. I couldn't wait to get back to the studio the next day to continue and try it.

However, as art flow goes, when I began to paint it that way it felt wrong and detached.I was rather sad that black was the right choice.  I'm not happy in the place of blackness at this time in my vision's sight, even in paintings and yet, there it was, all around.  

I started off with dark blue just to soften the harshness of black but it didn't work.  I knew the Birch trees would pop against the black as would she and so I followed my intuition and changed my original plan for something more colorful emerging from the void behind her.  You have to go with what feels right and not with what you think is right.

This painting was primarily meant to interpret the changing of the seasons and thus ourselves within them.  On a deeper level, it reflects that time when we realize change is imminent.  The cardinal's presence symbolizes various things that work for the painting and that's left to the audience. For me, birds symbolize flight and flight is freedom.

"In the Midst of Fall" is available for purchase, please inquire.  30"Wx40"Hx1.5"D, acrylic on canvas.