"Mine", a sexy video

This video is very sexy.  


It’s based on a totally romanticized vision of female submission inspired from the infamous bad book/movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  

Want a classic instead? Try “9 ½ Weeks” cast with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. Though it didn't get rave reviews, its cinematography was outstanding (really, watch it) and I always found it an erotic film.  The director did a fabulous job of creating discomfort for the audience to feel as close to the main character's discomfort as possible and it's spot on. Plus, there were a few very hot scenes not to be missed. The movie was a controversial even back in its day because it depicted eroticism in a way feminism didn't accept. It really went against everything that feminism stood for, and it still does: male power over females is a no go. Yet, in the realm of the erotic, so much changes. This is a good, deep topic for another post in the future. 

For further reading, this is a good article about the history of how 9 ½ Weeks was written and inspired.  That's really the "original" 50 Shades you want to see. 

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