New Art: Hung

Finished "Hung", probably among my favorite pieces yet.  She took so long to do, and not so much as from start to finish but from finish #1 to finish #3 because that's how many times I thought I was finished.

Twice "just a little touch up" turned in to "just another fuck up" and there went another day that turned into a week that turned into a couple months all because I could no longer face the painting. It's September: its time had come.  

Now on its 3rd go, she's good enough.  This painting has given me as much trouble as she has given me pleasure. 

This said, I have another painting sitting in temporary purgatory for which I hope to create a satisfying final end.  That one you won't see, however, for a while.  It's among the new 10 ART PORN pieces that will show up in Vegas next August - unless I show ART PORN sooner in town or online, which I've not decided.

Anyway, I was happy to show this new piece off!  She really deserves a handsome wall...