Speechless and Zipless

I don't have anything to write about at this time but I feel the need to pop up from the beginnings of my winter hibernation before I am gone too long.  It's autumn and the need to hide out at home painting is a primal one for me. Safe. Stocked. Comfortable.  

The entire Las Vegas experience, along with its tragic events of the mass shooting recently feel like a surreal whirlwind of really heavy emotional shit.  The season is just right in its hibernation seduction.

To break silence and offer something I think you might enjoy, I thought I'd introduce you to one of my favorite albums, Vanessa Daou's "Zipless" (below).  I have always found it very erotic music.

It was first introduced to me in my early twenties by the sexiest and most erotic man I had ever known.  Being I was so young, the time table of experimentation in that "known" department was rather small but he set the stage for my search for eroticism in my life versus sex in my life. Through this early erotic relationship down in South Beach back in the early '90s I got my first dose of mature erotic seductions. Who the hell wanted a halo and wings then?  I wasn't in line.   

A current painting I'm working on - well, still in its drawing stage and I don't have a photo momentarily - was developed in my mind while listening to this album lost in that mental freedom one gets in a zone out mode.  So, since real life leaves me currently speechless because I have so much to process right now (and the holidays haven't really even officially started yet), let's listen to good sexy tunes and forget the real world.  I like the words as well.

The first song sets the mood well for the rest of the album. I've been listening to these tunes for twenty years.  Enjoy.