NEW ART: "Embrace"

Click to view larger, "Embrace", oil on canvas, 20x24x1.5 inches

Having not painted in oils for many years and being a bit uncomfortable with the medium, I'm pretty excited with how this new painting came out.  If I painted her in acrylics I'd not be able to get the details that make this painting pop.  The hand was especially appealing to paint!  

There's a lot going on with her hair and face, its shadows and angles, yet there's a simplicity in her bosom, led upwards by the position of her hand, pointing to her face where your eye goes before moving down again from the "chaos" into the "calm".  I really like the flow and the painting itself has an interesting sex appeal that I can't quite describe but can feel.  I titled this one "Embrace".  

Being she's an oil painting, pardon the pun, but she's still wet. Ha! Sorry. :) I just finished her a week ago...

I typically don't use oils as a medium but recently I've had a lot of mentions from others to try to appreciate oils, so I'm working on it, keeping open. This is my first attempt in many years to play with oils and after I've almost perfected my acrylics style, I'm mixed on the oil medium just because my process of painting with it is much slower and detail oriented but I do love the blending capabilities which of course, push my skills to higher levels and that's what I'm seeking. This was a cautious painting because it felt so foreign in its process to create but I enjoyed the different pace, the challenges acrylics don't offer and seeing what I could do with that extra blending and detail capability, which I'm very happy with. I'm off to finish the next painting.  Hope you enjoy this one.  If so, click the like button! :)

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