Down the Hibiscus Road

...a few thoughts about the show's content before the show:

Sexuality creates life, nourishes love and provides pleasure.  How this can be shameful is only by mere construct of Human based fear and control. 

Typically I'm somewhat of a worrier rather than a warrior but over the past few years I've been working to change that and to a large degree, I've succeeded.  The freedom that comes with not giving a shit when you can't change certain circumstances or people cannot be overstated: worth the effort.  With it, however, comes pain because there's a process of having to feel - and thus to understand - the difference between truly not giving a shit to just not giving your time to the worry that will often hardly change anything.  It's not an easy road. A slippery slope took my foot in 2011 and it's really never been terrific since.  In 2014 I took control in a flow kind of way: I trusted the intuitive and passionate path no matter how crazy it seemed, and that path led me to creating the ART PORN collection.  I swear I was shocked at my commitment and completion and terrified at the thought of its exhibition but it all flowed rather well.  

Since I'm in the American South for this 2 day sneak peek show before it heads to Sin City,  I'll say it: "I'm doing God's work."  This is valuable to be understood when "in Rome" to do "as the Roman's do".  If one wants to be understood, one must speak the correct language and to me, sexuality is a universal language except my environment has ear muffs on -- so, I follow my intuition and strong sense of spirit and I listen to the voice within and here I am, backing it up, in Savannah, again.  Sexuality creates life, nourishes love and provides pleasure.  How this can be shameful is only by mere construct of Human based fear and control. It's undeserving to all of us.  I still stand with my original view of porn when taken to its core basics (yes it can be more complex but you've got to accept its naked truth before you put on the clothing to manipulate its meaning): 

Sexuality is universal, and pornography acts merely as the unedited documentation of sexual behaviors.

I certainly don't want to only make pornographic and erotic content for art but there are way too few female artists who do and so I step up to take that challenge on, to contribute a feminine view of sex, porn and eroticism to the supersaturation of porn out there.  It doesn't have to be in your face but it doesn't have to be hidden in the closet nor should it break marriages apart. It's a part of ourselves that needs a tweak of a peek, not shame or banishment.

I make art that represents our most primal acts, that require elegant representation in an era of raunch culture (and I consider this merely an evolutionary state derived from feminism but that's an entirely different post) as well as an era of virtual porn where truth isn't hidden by eroticism or romanticism: "Just fuck me" as one might say.

My take on sexuality or pornography is no less valuable than anyone else who projects their take but to be added to the avenue of choices is the road less traveled by women -- and even less so by women who live in conservative landscapes.

I look forward to meeting everyone at the show this upcoming first weekend in June.  Here are details if you need them.

Tatiana von Tauber