"Back It Up" Erotica Art is now posted online

It has been so long since I blogged, I forgot how to type. 

Since my return from the Las Vegas trip for my exhibition of ArtPorn and its continuation, Back It Up, I've dealt with some rather big disappointments that put me under a rock for August.   I can't keep in the dark so out I come for a little while to pour some light into my soul. 

My experience at the museum was -- there were challenges, let's just say.  Part of me is angry about them and the other says "fuck it", I mean, really, just fuck it.  Nothing is perfect and I knew going in there were red flags but I went on anyway.  Do you know how I can express it for you so you'll understand?  Like this: 

You go somewhere, feel bad vibes, don't listen, boom something bad happens.

You meet someone, feel a weird feeling in your stomach, a doubt of some kind, you ignore it because hey, you finally got to X point, it's just fear, boom something bad happens.

You get in that car, you feel off that moment you get into it, yet drive anyway, boom something bad happens. 

Point made, I think. 

Here I am feverishly fixing damaged art. :(

So there were flags and iffy feelings about my Vegas trip and some bad stuff happened. I got through it.  "This is a test", said the Voice. Then I came home to more challenges and down it all went into a slip and slide.  I have so much on me right now, I'm not into saying much because I can't tell if my feelings are hijacking my logic.  Silence is best about the full experience for now. 

All this said, I do want to highlight that my paintings look fucking amazing on the wall of the museum and I love them and I am super proud of them and I'm loving these photos of me in front of them. And I have great legs.

(I only had a cell phone camera - sadly - so pardon the fuzzy pics but they're still great I think)

And, these comments below made me so happy to see on Twitter because there is no greater joy than knowing the art was loved, and this proves it.  After 3 years and thousands of dollars to achieve this grand display wall, I accept the compliment, thank you.  


.... "Was the show successful?", many asked. Define "successful". If success means art sales, not yet: it's still up for a month.  If success means dealing with a shitload of challenges that almost broke me to get this far and to get the work up for cell photos like these, then yes, the show is absolutely successful. I did this.  Me.  And I drove to 4,400 miles across America round trip to make these photos, to show how far I've come and gone for this art collection. Passion hangs on those walls.

Since many of you haven't seen the exhibition and won't in person (hangs til Sept 30th), I have finally posted the paintings to view online. Enjoy. 

- Tatiana von Tauber


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