New Art: Her Monarchy

I've misplaced my quality SLR camera so I am unable to take proper art photos of my finished paintings until I find it. Pardon the phone pic quality but I do want to get this out and I can do a switch later.  As I complete the unfinished paintings that have been up against a wall for months, I have been hit with some questions about where this is all going. Being I'm designing a new life, art should be part of my main conversation.  

I had a terrific idea in May/June upon which to base the next art show on but it's kinda fizzled. There's been too much going on, too much of a mess to clean up from the fragments left by the sudden shift in life.  As I stated before, I paint very intuitively and recently, I've been struggling to reach that place because of the constructs of what I had envisioned for the next show, which wasn't intuitive: it was planned.  It was based on something very specific and I've not been able to pull all the pieces together. I tried to lay out the visuals I had and play with my compositions and it wasn't working and I don't feel the desire to figure it out in a rush to meet a self created deadline. This all has to be created in a proper state of mind or it won't be good enough and we all know what that feels like.

Instead I've shifted perspectives and gone back to some of what inspired me in the past.  I sifted through a small percentage of my past photography and realized I have a lot of beautiful paintings to be created from them.  I've known that for a while but never truly looked at them long enough to envision them out of what they were, which was photographs. I think it's a way to review and recreate what was never given the chance to be shown and make it into something new.  This idea allows more freedom in the flow of Being and I have felt much better about painting since. While it's the original idea I had when beginning erotic photography - to paint my photos - I pulled away from art in lieu of the lens.  It's kinda full circle to have that photographic imagery inspire the art I now want to create.  I'm interested to see how it will present itself as a full body of work.  I still plan a show in December.

I recently completed two paintings that have been waiting patiently for me to finish.  One I'm showcasing today: "Her Monarchy". This is different than my norm, I think.  I was pulled towards that difference, or maybe I got tired of the open leg concept.  I put it aside early this year and struggled to finish this piece but the butterflies were bright and cheerful and so I focused on that to get me through the bushes so to speak.  I'm happy with it. 

It's been very satisfying to return to regular painting time.  It's a healing and nurturing process, so let me get back to it. :)

Enjoy the new art.  

"Her Monarchy", acrylic on canvas, 20" x 20".  


New Art: "ShowTime"

I’ve finished the peacock painting I've been working on the past 3* months. I'm happy she's done and I can finally post something new after too many months of nothing.  I worked hard to not compromise her quality for wanting to get her done before December's end. 

"Showtime", acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30"

"Showtime", acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30"

This painting developed when I was sketching out some possible ideas from photo references.  I was in the beginning of reigniting my erotic zone of thought and vision for a new show. I wanted to begin with something simple (it wasn’t), approachable and mostly, something I could use to promote the subsequent work which would most likely be banned from most social media and marketing options due to (intended but not necessarily promised) pornographic content. So far I've not painted a cock just peacocks. 

The peacock feathers were an attempt at establishing a representation of "The Look", a concept from Being and Nothingness by Jean Paul-Sartre.  I've been fascinated by the concept from the moment I learned about it in college philosophy class. It's turned up in my art over the years and I keep going back to it.  It's simply the object-subject dynamic. There will always be an object to look at as there will be a subject to look and then there will be an emotional response. Think voyeur-exhibitionist or audience-performer.  Sartre goes on to describe how when we become conscious of the fact that we are being looked at, we become aware that we are in fact, objects to the other.  This, of course, affects the way we view and thus behave for ourselves and the other. Very simplified version there.

I don't follow into Sartre's depths of existential despair but this concept of looking, observing and the interaction of the object and the subject has often caught my attention and intrigue.  We look and pass through momentary changes of emotion based on that "look" of and by others all the time.  I am mostly intrigued by the performance - the "show" -  and the willful exchanges that come with that more than the peeking voyeur exchange and emotion.  I think Sartre sits in that domain more, the voyeur peeking through the keyhole and the "subject" and "object" getting caught and the emotion aroused by that catch.  I'm more interested in the examination of a willful look exchange.

When it clicked that the peacock feathers looked like eyes, I thought it would be the best representation of this look concept surrounding this nice, latex shined ass, which is the objectified focal point.  Within that objectification space, it is valued (or judged) by the subject.  The value is relative to the development of the subject's psyche but the act of placing a value on the object is human nature. The moment we look, we emotionally respond. That can be a mighty moment. 

Looks like "Showtime" to me!


*correction from 2 months. i went back to my records and I began her early November. why is time so quick in hindsight?

"Sex in Two Cities"

I've been painting a self portrait with oils the past few days as I've been convinced to shelve the acrylics for oils for at least a few paintings to get a feel for what else I could do.  I have been feeling restricted with the acrylics but maybe I just need a little growth or change...

In a way I'm stalling from completing the details of the erotica collection I have to deliver in a few months but I needed a break from the sexual painting I'm working on (below with star). One of the 10 paintings didn't fit with the theme I had going when I looked at all them together so I decided to paint a new one for the upcoming show and pass on the one that doesn't fit.  Go bold, I thought, and I consider this painting bold.

Sunny delights in the studio...

Sunny delights in the studio...

So, the Las Vegas art show in August:

I got the contract and details I needed to plan the trip out to Vegas and dates.  Tentatively Aug 5th thru Sept 30 my 2nd erotic collection of the ART PORN theme will show at the Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum.  It's already almost March and time is crunching!

Special Savannah preview in June:

I decided for my friends and those interested who will be nearby, I will host a special weekend showing of the new art work in Savannah!  This will be my 3rd sexy exhibit in this lovely, charming, romantic and conservative city.  Perhaps I should title it "Sex in the South"? (um, well most of the artwork is about "down south" so it could work in a cheesy way.) 

Opening reception - title of show not yet determined and no it will not be "Sex in the South"- will be invitation only so if you're interested in attending Friday June 2nd, email me a blank mail to "" with "show invite" in the subject line and I'll ensure you get an invitation to the reception. The Savannah special preview will be open to the public June 3rd & 4th for limited hours so mark your calendars and I'll post details as soon as I figure them out.

More Art:

I have a list of paintings to do and show themes to do them for.  I've had a big jolt of creativity hit me recently and I can't keep up; I can't paint fast enough with good results.  Frustrating.  It's not like typing cuz I'm super quick there... I saw a chalkboard sign the other day downtown that said, "Life takes time".  Yes.  Art takes time too.

Other Ideas:

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I'll be back soon with new art.