#feminist Pop Art Resurrected

  "United States of Feminine Freedom", one of 69 artworks in Von Tauber's "Sexibition Exhibition". 

  "United States of Feminine Freedom", one of 69 artworks in Von Tauber's "Sexibition Exhibition". 

I originally began Sexibition Exhibition in 2005 playing around with Photoshop when I lived in a small attic apartment in Germany during my first expat adventure. Through the years as I photographed various European models during my "I am a photographer" years, I found a new artistic expression that pulled me away from the hard to delete matters of non-digital art.  Meaning, it's a lot easier to CTRL-Z than to repaint a canvas or redraw a sketch.  I was intrigued by that back then, needing speed of creativity maybe :) -- but that was 12 years ago now. I'm slower these days and having gone back the other way into painting again and working through the repainting process in more positive ways has helped me learn patience, and with it, I've become a better painter.

I had various plans for this collection -my first sexy art exhibition in Savannah, GA actually (Back It Up is my 3rd) - but none of the plans worked out and eventually I shelved it. The motherhood-career route I was taught in the 1980s to pursue was a drain and kids came first so art went on the shelf. It's a rather typical story for women.  Eventually Sexibition became too overbearing on me because over time it didn't represent my artistry anymore and so it was difficult to relate to. However, I think the art collection's time has come.  

I think this collection does a fabulous job of representing feminism in a new era, highlighting similar issues as when the art was created but for a new set of young women taking the reigns on their feminine power.  I'm thrilled to bring this art back for viewing and purchase, especially at a time when feminism is changing and new minds are shaping female futures.

I realized that under the present challenges women face today, there is no time than the present to resurrect an art collection that was before its time.  Though I've grown greatly as an artist since 2005, and I've explored the artistic elements of eroticism and feminism in new ways with my Art Porn collection (2015-2017), "Sexibition" (2005-2010) was the beginning of my journey as an artist in this realm of sensuality and eroticism, femininity and feminism, fantasy and reality. If you remember the collection, you might be happy to see it again. If you've never seen it, please, follow me here to view it.  It's good stuff.

(Select art prints are still available for purchase as limited and open editions and don't forget to reserve your copy of the limited press book that contains all 69 images.)