The Art Cure Diaries & Breast Cancer

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of my project "The Art Cure, a Breast Cancer Awareness Art Project"  which invited artists all over the world and local breast cancer survivors to paint art for auction.  While we raised over $2k for local charity, the value of the experience, both for myself and the women involved was priceless.

I invite you to view a free book preview of The Art Cure Diaries, the official blog with comprehensive info on the project, read the stories or just browse the art breast cancer survivors created.

I considered doing a 5 year reunion with the survivors from the original participants but I realized that so many of these cancer survivors are already spread so thin in October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, that unless I was doing something really big, I'd be better off with a huge "Thank you", a social media "throw back" mention and offer links for you to learn and share awareness about breast cancer, because ultimately that is what all these women really care about on a deep, honest level. That they made time for me once is quite the honor.  

I believe The Art Cure was a once in a lifetime opportunity for these Art Cure Ladies and me and while I'd love to repeat it, it's not really ever going to be the same.  It was a special circumstance at a special point in my artistic and creative life.  Sometimes it's best to celebrate and move on more grateful than before.  That's what I'm doing today.

"Dear Art Cure Ladies: You have changed my life in so many indirect ways, especially those darkest hours where I wondered how you managed to work through your pains and I couldn't manage through mine and I didn't even have cancer.  The gift of meeting you all and learning your stories and watching your art develop was truly one of the greatest memories and inspirations of my life.  The auction party was pretty fun too. When life is grey, you pink ladies step in my mind and color my world.  Thank you so much for being a part of my project 5 years ago and for the positive impact I find in my life daily as a result of your participation, stories and mostly, your courage.  And to Susie H., my friend who inspired this, you're an awesome woman! Thank you everyone."

View The Art Cure project.

 THE ART CURE DIARIES, the book,  is a compilation of artwork painted by breast cancer survivors, their family members and/or friends and documents the artistic journey of strong and beautiful women, shares their personal stories and exposes their inner artist.  Many had no idea a hidden artist sat dormant within them. Tatiana von Tauber, founder of The Art Cure project intended  to introduce art as a means of self-therapy, expression, solitude, joy and a source of healing with hope these women continue to explore art in their lives and harness its many benefits.  

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