Small Paintings, Big Zen


I recently sold a small painting (left) to a 77 year old woman who thought the painting was "hot".  I just love that -- not that the painting was hot, which it was, but that a 77 year old woman thought it was hot and bought it! Applause to dynamic, confident older women.  They give me something to grasp onto as this aging thing approaches. Plus, at dinner, I got fabulous life and love advice. #followit

Since the "Back It Up" show in Savannah went well, something had to give, right?  The day after I closed the show I dashed to Florida as my mother had a stroke a week prior.  I can't express what this means because unless you are actually a caretaker of someone with a stroke, you can't possibly know the weight it is, emotional, pychological and physical.  I wasn't prepared for the reality.  My summer plans are changed.  My day to day psychology totally affected.  I bought red lipstick to brighten up the frown I'm trying to turn upside down.  

In a few weeks I drive out to Las Vegas to drop off 20 paintings for a 2 month solo show and that's pretty overwhelming with everything else on my plate with lots more changes on the way.  I decided one of the best things I can do is make more art and to not get overwhelmed by it, go small.  The point of "size matters" is absolutely relavtive to what you're looking to accomplish.  

Though I'm co-teaching a class on the Old Master's Method in July that I'm ridiculously thrilled about, I am determined to find time to create a few small, sexy paintings or drawings that won't take weeks or months to complete but rather hours to days.  I begin art passionately and then get too involved when I love it and then try to make it perfect and then it's a spiral of good enough vs not good enough. I don't have time for such value judgments this summer, plus I don't possess the mental capacity to begin a new long term commitment such as one of my usual larger paintings.  Going small is like wrapping me up in a straight jacket and saying, "paint!"... but you know, I can do it when I put my mind to it. There are ways. Everthing is mind over matter except usually our matters are stronger than our minds. 

If you want to keep up with what I create as I work on it this summer, connect with me on Instagram because that's where I'll be posting primarily and I will be back on the blog once I have a few pieces to show or something to talk about.  I don't have much to say right now.  Life has thrown me a curve ball and I have to manage it focused. 

I struggle to make art when I am stressed or overwhelmed so I hope a few small, "don't need to be perfect" kind of pieces would be a good step to continue an artistic flow because we artists deal with artists block too.  It is too easy to have life overtake the creative expressions that make artists move forward.  When I was a writer, all the writer's advice was "write!".  Artists need to make art.  Creators create. It's just too easy to let external life circumstances effect the production value of all of us.  Health and balance for me right now - zen health - is my primary need and making art helps me find that zen feeling... even though I'd rather swap out the "Z" and the "N" for "S" and an "X".  :) From a zen type place though, good and sexy concepts can flow and the art makes itself. Stress hijacks the soul. Just breathe and go.  

"Back it Up" Show Pics & Thanks


Ok everyone, kiss my sneak peek show goodbye! "Back It Up" is backing it out towards Las Vegas to hang as part of the full ArtPorn collection of 20 paintings at the Erotic Heritage Museum Aug 5-Sept 30


A HUGE thank you to all the brave & open minded & curious souls in Savannah who visited my sneak peek show before it goes to Las Vegas next month. I loved meeting everyone and this show's quality outbeat the last show's quantity and silly controversy. This show gave me what I sought: intelligent and engaging conversations about human sexuality, not bullshit about size and shame, like my first 2015 show did (read here, nsfw).

I met some amazing people I hope to know better. Overall the concensus was that the art was "wonderful", "brave" and "much more explicit than expected". Ah, of course: it's porn in art form... but does it then become "erotica"?

Click here to view more show photos (nsfw), testimonials and some small sneak peeks at the paintings until I post the high quality images in August.

Kisses, Tatiana von Tauber

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New Art: The Charmed Muse

New painting finally complete and let me tell you, this was a long time in the making!

I began this painting a year and a half ago and worked on her regularly until last summer when I just lost momentum. I felt like she needed something else or that the painting needed another element or maybe more four leaf clovers for good luck... I don't know.  She had me perplexed for a while.  I almost painted out the flowers, then I decided to leave them and just darken them enough to subdue them into the background but then they were too dark and she was too bright.  The balance on this piece was like a dance: sometimes it flowed and other times it fumbled.

I changed her face three to four times trying to get the right look, which sometimes is super easy and other times it's torture. In her case it was just trial and error. She hung on my wall for a couple months at the studio and then I took her home hoping for added inspiration while I fine tuned her on days I was there. I'm finally calling her done.  I have nothing more to add without fear of messing up the good that's there.  Sometimes that's the finishing point for an artist because sometimes the "as is" is just perfectly acceptable within a domain of imperfection, which is in fact, ours. There's a point in painting, as in life, when you have to know to let it be.   

This painting is pretty special to me personally.  It had various meanings through its development for me, much of it inspirational and the title has changed each time but I decided on "The Charmed Muse".  I had hoped to have it complete last March for a partial thematic St. Patrick's Day thing but I'm -- gulp -- a year late.

I enjoyed my time painting her.  She was a pleasure to look at for so long, and to go through that lengthy process of creating, modifying and finalizing her while feeling her energy out to ultimately making the various changes she demanded as she came to life was an interesting progression of thought and creative pondering. She changed every few months and so this point of "finished" has a bit of empowerment to it. I've never taken this long to complete a painting so I've never had an internal dialogue with other paintings as I have had with this one. Pretty sexy painting, I think.

The building to the left is Savannah City Hall with its gold dome, which you can't tell is gold in the photo.  It was an afterthought element which is why there is so little of it in the frame but I want it known what it is because Savannah has served as a "muse" to my artistic inspirations, as well as the person I'm becoming and the directions I'm setting some of my larger bets on. Savannah, the city and its imprints, had a distinct and definite influence on the progression of this painting. 

The Charmed Muse, 30W x 40L x 1.5D inches, acrylic on canvas. Inquire for purchase.

New Art: "Resting on Her Laurels"

Great new painting I just finished.  Love her.

She's for sale with info in the main menu under "nude gallery" on my website.

I was intrigued by the pose, which is what caught my attention and provoked me to begin this painting. I had no real plan or idea for it but I knew I wanted gold incorporated into it, just didn't know how - or how much.  It's easy to overdo the gold and I did so I had to cover it up several times until I settled for the below results. Over time she developed a goddess-like quality and the laurel seemed a perfect addition at the end, which rather defined the painting for me, as well as the title.

"Resting on Her Laurels", November 2016, acrylic on canvas, 24"W x 36"L x 1.5"D

"Resting on Her Laurels", November 2016, acrylic on canvas, 24"W x 36"L x 1.5"D




New Art: Hung

Finished "Hung", probably among my favorite pieces yet.  She took so long to do, and not so much as from start to finish but from finish #1 to finish #3 because that's how many times I thought I was finished.

Twice "just a little touch up" turned in to "just another fuck up" and there went another day that turned into a week that turned into a couple months all because I could no longer face the painting. It's September: its time had come.  

Now on its 3rd go, she's good enough.  This painting has given me as much trouble as she has given me pleasure. 

This said, I have another painting sitting in temporary purgatory for which I hope to create a satisfying final end.  That one you won't see, however, for a while.  It's among the new 10 ART PORN pieces that will show up in Vegas next August - unless I show ART PORN sooner in town or online, which I've not decided.

Anyway, I was happy to show this new piece off!  She really deserves a handsome wall...