Players in Pleasantville

     2019 Erotica Collection

“This is my fourth Savannah art show highlighting the sensual and erotic world of women and couples. PLAYERS IN PLEASANTVILLE evolved from the curiosities and realities of relationships, their variations and serial sexual progressions. Through years of study and painting and seeking to understand eroticism from various angles, at some point it was inevitable that The Player might pop up and make appearance.

The Player offers the fantasy as a reality and will make the impossible feel and appear like a lucky strike. Don’t light up. What makes players hold the classic label is that they are temporary, a limited time offer. The fantasies settle back into reality when authenticity doesn’t hold its stamina and Time discloses just how much stamina any player in their game truly owns. This exhibition was an exploration of who such players might be and how they might play with erotic fantasies projected within the world they call Pleasantville.” - TvT


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Players In Pleasantville

Players are everywhere,

but in Pleasantville they reside.

Dreaming of erotic notions,

away from husbands and wives.

We know them well, the players in mind.  

They can play easy or they can play hard.  

Hurt is guaranteed, so be sure not to get charred.

- Tatiana von Tauber, Savannah January 2019

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