June 2017

Backing up her Art Porn, Savannah artist does Vegas

American erotica artist, Tatiana von Tauber, brings her sexy Art Porn show to Las Vegas this summer: twenty original pornorgraphic paintings that sizzle with erotic heat. In the past, von Tauber dealt with expected controversy over her erotic take on human sexuality aka "porn".  Living in America's conservative south, von Tauber found a higher calling and it turned out to be painting sex.  She discovered a passionate desire to push through the deeply held myths, fears and dogmas about sexuality, eroticism and the ethics that surround them.  Residing and painting sexualized images where porn is considered primarily shameful, von Tauber stands firm in the view that expressions of pornography can be artistic and approachable, even if purely pornographic.

"Sexuality is universal, and pornography acts merely as the unedited documentation of sexual behaviors.  That was my original view in 2015," said von Tauber.  "I still agree with it but I want to modify it, especially after two more years of porn on the brain and canvas.  Pornography isn't exactly unedited on film for entertainment so in that case, the original statement isn't fully true.  However, sex-in-the-act when witnessed becomes porn.  Editing happens for capital gain or in our minds.  We pick and focus on the good parts.  That's what my paintings do as well: they express the so-called "good parts" of the story, one that is expected and desired in erotica but not in porn, because the action dictates the story rather than the other way around."

Von Tauber welcomes the opportunity to show her three year journey with pornography turned art to an open minded audience Las Vegas provides.  



ART PORN, the full collection

20 original erotic paintings

Erotic Heritage Museum

3275 sammy davis jr. Drive, Las vegas, Nv 89109

Aug 5th - Sept 30, 2017






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May 2017

Savannah's sexiest art show:

von Tauber Backs Up her Eroticism

After creating local controversy in 2015 with her last erotica art collection "ARTPORN", figurative artist Tatiana von Tauber is back in Savannah with her newest sexy art showcase: "Back It Up". Two years in the making, von Tauber's next ten paintings in the ongoing collection pushes lines between the so-called "debatable beauty and vulgarity of our human sexuality".

This one weekend pop up art show, June 3rd & 4th, is a special treat as it's a sneak peek preview of the new paintings before the entire erotica collection of 20 artworks heads to the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas for a two month "Artist of the Month" exhibition. As a local business owner and soulful Savannahian, von Tauber invites her brave friends, peers and community to visit the exhibition and peek into an elegant yet provocative representation of eroticism. *Sexually explicit content, over 18 only

"My first show pushed my boundaries as an artist, a citizen and as a woman.  The new collection explores deeper into the sexual relations between men and women specifically.  I wanted to draw on the heterosexual domain and push some patriarchy based fantasies with its female objectification and thus provoke deeper thoughts and discussions about sexuality, pornography and eroticism with the opposite sex." - TvT






Savannah Connect "Art Beat" feature:

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