A visual timeline of projects, publications, exhibitions and more

August - Sept 2017: Art Porn 2: “Back It Up”, Erotic Museum of Art, Las Vegas, NV

June 2017: Art Porn 2: "Back It Up", Personal Studio, Savannah, GA

Connect Savannah Article, "Tatiana von Tauber backs it up" by Rachael Flora.

Sept 2016   Members Only Exhibition, Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah, GA

February 2016   My Bloody Valentine Art Show, Undergrounds Coffeehaus, Ft. Lauderdale, FL



March 2015: The ART PORN Exhibition, Savannah GA. View the controversial exhibition, show photos and press!


April - June 2015: Another Blooming Art Show, Savannah/HH International Airport Show with Savannah Arts Association.

April 2015: "Nominee", "No Place Like Home", 7th Annual International Color Awards online juried competition. 

July 2014: “Nominee”, “Red Chair”, 7th Annual International Photography  Master's Cup  online juried competition  (archived photography).

Summer 2014: "The Hot Wife" is part of a collection of sexy blurbs, photos and healthy recipes, a project ignited by Tatiana's personal struggles with autoimmune disease. 

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May 2014: The Red Tara, painted for Milla's Nepali Adventure andfundraiser for a 16 y/o attempting to travel Nepal.

October 2010: The Art Cure Diaries book, private printing for fundraising auction. Read more about the Breast Cancer awareness art auction and workshop.  View free on

Fall 2010: Official poster of THE ART CURE Project, Savannah, GA. Learn more about the art auction, the participants and the show here.

A provocative collection of 69 original photographs transformed into pop art expressions of various themes concerning the female psyche, her body and the politics which surround her.  18 of the full 69 collection were displayed.

The original digital art is available for purchase. Contact for details.

The original digital art is available for purchase. Contact for details.

October 2010: artdc, "Alien Inside" Breast Cancer Awareness Group Show, Washington DC

Spring 2010: "Boob Mania", published by Edition Skylight in Switzerland. Select works appeared in this erotica anthology.

2008: My first hard print erotica fiction publication, a short BDSM story "Ana's Punishment".  

September 2009: A Book About Death Exhibition, New York.  A collaboration of over 400 international artists led by collage artist, Matthew Rose, displays an unbound book on the many interpretations of death.

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2008: The Beltane Papers, "Goddess in the Love Universe ", a pro-feminine article for an indie magazine that is currently no longer active, but the link to the PDF is! Click & read.

2007: I was very proud to have gotten Jane's approval back then!  Though my art and my website have changed, my listing is still available and super awesome. Read Jane's Guide review here.

2005-2008: Click here to read testimonials and comments back when I had less children and more time to devote to various projects.  I hope to finish some I had to shelve while raising a family.

2007: "Poetic Advice", a digital collection of erotic photo poetry and screensavers.  


1996: My first "masterpiece", Michaelangelo's "Creation" in pastels on a 5x10 foot raw canvas, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  

I painted this large canvas for my dream bookstore, Archives BookCafe, a short paradise of entrepreneurial success between 1996 to 2002.  It hung on the cafe wall until it was damaged by too many coffee spills.