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My personal recommendations for good sexual education content, artist resources, thought provoking books, inspiring artists and more


Blogs & Talks 

Sexual Intelligence Blog by Dr. Marty Klein

Sex & Psychology Blog by Dr. Justin Lehmiller

TED Talk "The Secret to desire in a long term relationship" by Esther Perel

TED Talk "Rethinking infidelity, a talk for anyone who has ever loved"  by Esther Perel

"Unlocking Erotic Intelligence", interview with Esther Perel

TED Talk "The Brain in Love" by Helen Fisher

Youtube video "Is Masturbation Good For You" (you're going to love this) 

A 6-hour history of Pornography



The Kinsey Institute - comprehensive sexual education and research

Kinsey Confidential - sexual education from The Kinsey Institute, blog style with podcasts & more

Naked Noises - "... a magazine about erotic art, photography and related digital media"

Femme Classic Art - an online collection of Femme Classic Art & Vintage paintings, along with a few contemporary artists and sexual edu links

Jane's Guide - Best resource of reviews to various online adult content, including mine!



*Link to info on all Leonard Shlain books:  I cannot overstate the fabulous nature of the first book. The video is HIGHLY recommended.

  1. Sex, Time and Power: how women's sexuality shaped Human evolution by Dr. Leonard Shlain BONUS: Youtube video about this book

  2. The Alphabet Verses the Goddess: the conflict between word and image by Dr. Leonard Shlain

  3. Art & Physics: parallel visions in space, time and light by Dr. Leonard Shlain

The Erotic Word by David Carr

Dark Eros by Thomas Moore (actually, everything by TM is recommended)

The Art Cure Diaries by Tatiana von Tauber

for book reviews, see my blog



"Natural Earth Paint" is a small business out of Oregon.  Their natural powdered pigments are from the earth, non-toxic, vegan and versatile.  While intended to be mixed with walnut oil for oil painting primarily, I bind the earth powders with acrylic mediums for my acrylic paintings.  I moved on to working with oils recently (2019) and I support Gamblin brand primarily, another family run business in Oregon. I truly enjoy supporting small, independent businesses.


Acrylic Painting Conservation & Care

Smithsonian Institute: technical advice on acrylic paintings' care basic advice on acrylic paintings' care


Artist Resources 

National Museum of Women in the Arts - helpful resources for focus driven artists

Art dot net contains a comprehensive list of general artist resources  



Carole A. Feuerman: An American hyper-realist sculptor of people, most popular for her swimmer art and whose work will blow you away. Stunning.

Troy Brooks : (This art is a wow) Canadian* painter who represents a dark yet classy feminine ideal, very original work (*updated 8/19; I thought he was American.)

Audrey Kawasaki: “She paints sultry, seductive and uninhibited female subjects with delicate beauty and provocative, direct eye contact.” Inspiring art.

Janet Hill : Canadian oil painter with whimsical, narrative & feminine themes

John Currin : World renowned American fine art figurative oil painter and in part inspiration for my ART PORN collection

Norbert von Padberg : German artist who specializes in imaginative & colorful, feminine figurative oils

JÖRG DÖRING: German artist who creates sexy, pop art collages as his paintings

Garance Dore : World renowned French fashion blogger, illustrator & photographer  

Lori Earley: American contemporary surrealist figurative artist with a sexy edge

Tracy Sylvester Harris : Painter with concentration on vintage swimsuit & beach imagery

Charmaine Olivia : American artist popular for her glam sexy, feminine, free-spirited and colorful art

Erotica Art Museums & Galleries

World Museum of Erotic Arts 

Erotica Art Museum Hamburg 

Musee de l'erotisme / Museum of Erotica Paris

Erotic Heritage Museum (where my Art Porn collections were shown in 2017)


"The difference between pornography and erotica is time." - Unknown

page update: Aug 2019