Paintings by breast cancer survivors for The Art Cure, a breast cancer awareness art project founded by Tatiana von Tauber, in which all paintings (including dozens of international artists' work) were auctioned off. 100% of the funds collected were donated to local Savannah breast cancer organizations.  Visit the official blog for detailed information on the project and artists.  Get a free digital copy of The Art Cure Diaries on the link below!

TATIANA VON TAUBER® presents THE ART CURE Project, a means in which to introduce art as a means of personal healing, discovery and expression while coping through life's many hills and valleys.

These are paintings created by breast cancer survivors for THE ART CURE Breast Cancer Awareness Project.

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THE ART CURE DIARIES is a compilation of artwork painted by breast cancer survivors, their family members and/or friends and documents the artistic journey of strong and beautiful women, shares their personal stories and exposes their inner artist.  Many had no idea a hidden artist sat dormant within them. Tatiana von Tauber, founder of The Art Cure project intended  to introduce art as a means of self-therapy, expression, solitude, joy and a source of healing with hope these women continue to explore art in their lives and harness its many benefits.  


"It takes a woman all powdered and pink to clean out the drain in the sink. And she makes love like a woman but she beaks just like a little girl!  These pages of life imitating art are the strengths of a woman and why the world is a better place for having them.  I am in awe of what we accomplished and how beautifully Tatiana encased it."  ~ EM

"Thank you, Tatiana, for giving us an outlet to express our emotions.  What a wonderful job with the book.  I would not have had the courage to put anything on canvas without your invitation to paint and the support that you offered."  ~ Connie

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Visit the official blog of The Art Cure, Breast Cancer Awareness Project to learn more about the project, view the exhibition and learn about the participants.

 Richmond Hill Reflections: "Artist Spotlight" article  PDF

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